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TAPE 1: Physical tests with technological tools

Obj: Determine a starting point and a strategy for
the competitive season

  • Agility tests & flexibility

  • Strength tests

  • Antrophometric tests

  • VMA field strength test

  • Muscle power tests

  • Speed ​​tests

  • Posture tests

  • Specific tests


Physical & nutrition

STEP 2: Plan your physical training periods


Obj: Structure your training according to the competitions and determine the zones of optimal shape


  • Set competitive goals

  • Management efforts / rest

  • Remote programming

  • Measurement of perceptual loads

  • Individualisation of the sessions

  • Analysis of the activity


Strategic training

STEP 3: Intervention and support of athletes

Obj: Challenger the athlete (s), motivate and coach the athlete to bring him to his optimal physical potential for competitions or contests of the type GIGN

  • Setting up sessions

  • Feedbacks with the athlete

  • Accompaniment in competiton

  • Team management pro

  • Individualisation of the sessions


In the field

STEP 4: Program & follow-up ONLINE


Obj: We put at your disposal an ONLINE application to follow all your sessions, your programs, your results, and your competitive annual planning

  • Sessions to follow on I-phone with pictures of exercises, training loads

  • Tracking the online sports calendar & training periods

  • Direct contact with the coach via the application

  • Measurement of training loads

  • Available anywhere in the world



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